web page notes

  • Page Sizes  How "big" is a web page? Web pages are composed of text files and graphic files.

  • Color Changing  View web page colors and hexidecimal codes.

  • Example HTML Tags  The code to use background colors and image files, to set up a web page to auto-forward to another site, to create links to jump to other sections in a page or a different page.

  • Contents of your Hard Drive  The old "I know what's on your hard drive" trick. The link merely tells your browser to display a directory listing of YOUR hard drive on YOUR monitor. It in NO way sends information back to the originating web page.

  • Graphic Errors  Demonstrations of graphic display errors on web pages.

  • Sample Form  A Sample web page form to demonstrate check boxes, radio buttons, text boxes and option lists. Also note the sample acknowledgement form.

Useful HTML Webpage Links

Palette Manhtml color assistance, set up to 4 colors and text to check for matching/clashing
VisiBone"web safe" colors shown go up a level to buy charts, mousepads, and other "colorful" aids
Art Today40,000 free images or 750,000 images and 3240 fonts for $29.95 per year
the Icon Bazaarweb page icons, backgrounds,and borders
Gifs Netanimated gifs
Cooltextonline buttons, logos, bullets and graphics generator
Deadlock Designweb site promotion
NCSAA Beginner's Guide to HTML
Willcam GroupCompact Index of HTML Tags
HTML Writers GuildInternational organization promoting standards and membership benefits
Web Pages That SuckSee poorly designed webpages
HTML goodiesan HTML primer, the basics to advanced topics
HTML Gurufantastic display of advanced techniques
Anybrowser.orgcampaign to make web pages non-browser-specific
Bobbya tool that analyzes web pages for their accessibility to people with disabilities
Network SolutionsNetwork Solutions - domain name registration
Web TV beacon pagerun Traceroute and Ping checks
Gif Wizardanalyze the graphics on your web site

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