Web Page Sizes

I'm occasionally asked how much disk space a home page takes, or how big a specific page is. The amount of space a page takes depends on the size of the text file that generates it, the size of a graphics file used to create a textured or pictorial background and icons, and any related files stored locally for downloading. Advanced pages using forms which accept input require additional space, both for the form scripts/executable files, and space to store the data files.

HTML code uses a neat trick to keep page size smaller (the smaller the page, the faster it transmits to your browser over the internet). . Rather than loading a big graphic to "paint" over your entire screen, many backgrounds are "tiled". The browser downloads a small file and repeats it until the screen is filled. Microsoft Windows does the same trick with .BMP files (bitmap images) for the desktop background. On this page, I use a small file, rainbow.jpg, which tiles to fill the screen. On some pages, I just play around with the 6-digit RGB number you can specify for background color. Since each digit can be one of sixteen characters: 0-9 and A-F (it's hexi-decimal-based), there are a LOT of choices . . . I always did want that 64 color box of Crayola Crayons.

For the curious, I've listed some page and graphic file sizes of my home pages.

File NameSize in BytesGraphic NameSize in Bytes
Main Page (index.asp)4,873rainbow.jpg3,015
Cookbook (cookbook.html)7,685book.gif203
Humor (humor.html)5,346sm.gif243
Music (music.html)3,221conwy1.jpg19,858
Resume (resume.html)2,488chalk.jpg1,472
Color Table (colortable.html)31,066manual.gif858

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