Sample Form

Forms guide visitors to submit the data you need

The sample form below shows some of the options available with a form on a web page. A form has the advantage of allowing you to direct the visitor to give you specific information or requests.

You can offer choices, preferences and selections to help guide customers and contacts in letting you know their needs. A form will generate an e-mail message listing the selections they have made, the information they filled out, and any message they have typed in a comment field.

Forms generally look better with a color background, which offsets the various entry elements.
Click here to see the same form with a color background.

Checkboxes - more than one can be selected:

  Please send me e-mail
  Please phone me with more information.
  Please schedule a meeting to show me more.

They can be aligned vertically or horizontally.

Brochures you would like sent:

  Product       Parts       Service       Warranties    

Radio Buttons - you can limit to one choice:

  I sell a service
  I sell a product
  I conduct research

Option Boxes - you can have a lot of choices on a compact page:

Before making a business decision, I always:

Text Fields - you can set the number of characters per field:

E-Mail Address:
Street Address:
Phone Number:

Comment Fields - you can set the number of rows (lines) and columns (characters per row):

  • Questions and/or comments about our product(s) and service(s).

    Note: This form used to send to an active e-mail address, but spambots have been submitting it recently so I redirected the output to a junk address.

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