Contests on the Internet

I got seriously interested in these contests after winning 3 US Robotics 56K X2 modems during their 56 day contest several years ago. One of my co-workers and I shared a list of sites we discovered and she won one of the modems also.

This contest page caught the attention of noted author Judy Heim who reviewed it in her Internet Tips column in the June 1998 issue of PC World Magazine. After scarfing enough copies of that issue to paper my computer room, and staring at my hit counter for a few days, I settled down to sorting out the wheat from the chaff in the online contest world.

To my surprise, another co-worker won one a free laptop computer from ITAC, a trackball company, in 1999.

I won a Red Hat 7 Install CD set from Geek Giveaways on 1/27/2001

I won a Cheese Whiz T-shirt (trying for a pre-owned El Camino) at on 3/30/2001

I won a second Cheese Whiz T-shirt at on 4/18 or 19/2001

I won a third Cheese Whiz T-shirt at on 6/27/2001. Now is that cheesy or what?

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