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The two keys to winning are persistence and luck. I removed bad links from this page on December 4, 2015, but do not intend to update this page again. I try to link directly to the contest page, but webmasters are getting better at moving viewers through advertising to their contest page. Read over the rules carefully, watch for fine print, and expect some junk mail, electronic and postal.

My thanks to noted author Judy Heim for mentioning this webpage in her column.        (why)

Daily Contests
Contest Website:What You Can Win:Contest Ends:
Candy Standlinks to various contests, most with daily entrycontests change regularly
Weekly Contests
Contest Website:What You Can Win:Contest Ends:
O & H Danish Bakerywin a kringle pastry of your choicestill posting a weekly winner as of 12/10/2007
Win Toilet Paper.comenter once, eligible as long as you stay subscribed to weekly newsletter, 24 rolls awarded to a winner each weekno date mentioned
Monthly Contests
Contest Website:What You Can Win:Contest Ends:
Dealer MallWin great coins, cards, or stamps. Every month there will be a different prize randomly drawing each month
computertimes.comeducational, entertainment, home productivity or SOHO softwareno date mentioned
SuperAuthorsgift package of previously-released Harlequin Superromance favoritesnew drawing each month
author's contestsexpanded to link various authors holding contests for various prizesnew contests each month
One Entry Contests
Contest Website:What You Can Win:Contest Ends:$35,000 cash - poll signup formnot sure

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