Parker Senior High School - Graduated Class of 1973

University of Wisconsin - Rock County Campus - Associate of Arts Degree, 1975

Blackhawk Technical College - Microcomputer Specialist Degree, 1997

Additional Experience - Operating On-line Services, Credit and Non-credit Courses, Trade Shows

Computer-related Employment

LeMans Corporation - Computer Support Specialist, Level 1 - Help Desk Support , August 2004 - present

My official job description, in part: Level 1 - Support Specialist is a phone support position that is responsible for supporting the corporate user community on the use of office computer equipment along with taking calls to support dealers on third party software applications. This person is the main point of contact for all internal and external users concerning hardware and software support.

Basically, I'm a member of a small team that runs the Help Desk section of the IT department. We field calls from our customers concerning the use of various corporate web sites and provide computer support for several hundred remote sales reps as well as a couple hundred employees in our corporate headquarters building and several remote warehouse facilities. I participated in the later stages of development and the beta-testing of a new version of the main dealers-only web site which was launched in December of 2004.

Inwave Internet - Project Manager at Inwave Internet, January 2000 - April 2003

My duties as a Project Manager included handling phone and e-mail contacts with potential business customers for web page hosting and design, e-mail solutions and dedicated connectivity, supporting current customers and coordinating work of Inwave team members in developing and maintaining business web sites. I also performed technical support duties (see below) and assisted in updating Inwave's and customer web sites.

Inwave Internet - Technical Support at Inwave Internet, 1995 - January 2000

I provided technical support by telephone, service calls, and on-site demonstrations. I assisted customers in the basics of connecting to the Internet and using web-browsers, e-mail clients and ftp software. Other duties included explaining vaious aspects, concepts, advantages and limitations of the Internet. I've installed hundreds of copies of Netscape and Internet Explorer on IBM-compatible and Macintosh personal computers and several scores of modems on computers as the standards changed from 2400 to 19,200 to 28,800, to 57,600 bps.

Other duties included adding new accounts and assisting with customer file and mail management issues, working with server administrators to implement business customer requests and working with Inwave's web artists to add support web pages for customers.

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