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Historical and Educational
F.B.I. Federal Bureau of Investigation - history, organization, job offerings,
and The 10 Most Wanted List
C.I.A.Central Intelligence Agency FAQ's, intel links, employment, CIA Kid's page
E.A.A. Experimental Aircraft Association - new and unual aircraft, the warbirds
U.S.C.F. U.S. Chess Federation... last time I "checked" nyuk nyuk nyuk
Library of Congress the reference collection Bill Gates hasn't bought... yet
Bartleby.comBartlett's Familiar Quotations
Merriam-WebsterDictionary with help features if you aren't sure of the spelling
Babelfishtranslate French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian text and web sites
Google Language Toolstranslate text and web sites - less advertising than Babelfish
solar system modelsMitchell N. Charity's page - the scale of the solar system understanding magnitudes
Snopes urban legendslook up bogus e-mails before passing them on to anyone
about.com urban legendsanother site - find out about the bogus $250.00 cookie recipe story and the hoax that the Post Office is going to charge people for sending e-mail
Beloit College Mindset Listhistorical perspective from viewpoint of Freshman class Class of 2014

Helpful and Useful
Red CrossSouth Central Wisconsin Chapter     National Organization
Any Soldiersend a care package to a soldier in Iraq
Fisher Househomes built at VA hospitals for soldier's visiting familes
Netscape unofficial FAQHelpful Information about Netscape Software
Wis. Job Service JobNet a big improvement from those old microfiches
State of Wisconsin state gov't. websites, tourism, local gov't. links
Wisconsin No Call Listor call 1-866-966-2255 toll-free in Wis. for telemarketer-blocking
Fetch Me a JobWI, IL, OH, MI, IN job searchs, post resumes, career assistance
Windows Annoyances how to fix Win 95, 98, ME, 2000 and XP bugs and fine-tune the OS
Ebay"your personal trading community"
OANDA - Olsen & Assoc. 164 currencies converter - got a "yen" to exchange $?
U.S. Dept. of Labor - Inflation CalculatorHow much some money in years past would be worth today
Speedtrap.org"scenic roadside vistas", slow down to view
Joke.Wallpaper.comchange your PC or Mac background & start screens
FILExt.comidentify which program that file .extension goes with
Abuse.netdecode those 'goofy number' websites

Coca~Cola the beverage of champions (make mine Diet Coke)
Jelly Beans Not just for breakfast anymore
Odd Munchies ecological snacks you can make

Online Games
Lycos Games you can win cash playing games
Yahoo Gamesboard games, card games, crosswords and mahjong
GameZone Onlinesimulation, role-playing, arcade, strategy, sports, classic
Quizlandquizzes, puzzles, trivia games
Netives.coma lot of online games with high score tables, including marbles, mahjongg, and plumber pete which I recall playing a CGA 4 color version back in DOS days

And now for something
completely different...
Monolithic Dome Instituteforget those 2x4 & plywood kits, these dome homes are tornado and quake-proof!
Model Warship Combatnaval combat with scale models
"You can't do that on Star Trek"interesting image editing with Star trek theme
Boycott Micro$oft Pagenote sub-pages bugs, dirty tricks and public forum
Starfire SwordsNeed a good blade? This is the place!
Bristol Renaissance Faire Summer Weekends Faire, locations, by state and by date, overview of faires

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