Here are some (hopefully) funny snips and tidbits I've seen.

Microsoft vs the Borg    A Star Trek: The Next Generation tale.

Automobile Tech Support    If people treated cars like they do computers.

Twas the Night Before Christmas    A Tale of Two Treks.

Macbeth    A Windows95 Comedy inspired by the Bard himself.

High Tech Redneck    You might be a high tech redneck if...

Holy Humor    Woes on the other side of the pulit.

   The Talking Frog and the Programmer    Nature faces technology.

   Come Fly With Me    Reservations about flying.

   The Duck and the Bartender    A duck walks into a bar and...

   The Bell-ringer of Notre Dame Cathedral    The Bishop interviews replacements for the late Quasimodo.

   They Finally Caught the Paranoid.   Yesterday, upon the stair, I saw a man who wasn't there...

  Obituary  Veteran Pillsbury spokesman, Pop N. Fresh, died yesterday.

ut oh....Hunting Mishap  Don't take a dog duck hunting.

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Here are some (hopefully) funny webpages I've been shown.

Fark   Amusing stories and images garnered from the Internet - post reactions, "photoshop" and upload pictures.

Process Documentation as Theatre   You have to be a network geek to find this funny.

An Interactive Site   Once you try it, you'll want to send a link to friends.

Perpetual Bubblewrap!  Ever pop that bubblewrap packaging? Here's some virtual stuff to pop.

Rinkworks Computer Stupidities  Tales of the Uninformed.

Press Any Key  Take this deceptively simple quiz.

Cluefire and Damnation  Quotes from the folk who deal with hardware, software, and lusers.

The Credit Card Prank   Don't forget to sign for that charge.

p-p-p-powerbook   Scamming a scammer.

Prank a telemarketer   Comedian Tom Mabe had a script ready.

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