MDI Workshop - Friday
Friday was the fourth day of classes. Our group divided into 2 sections for the field exercise. My section had the opportunity to spray the shotcrete on the inside of the 20 foot dome. The other section had already coated the foam the day before. We were to build up another 1/2 inch layer of shotcrete. I didn't take any photos of that as I didn't want to get my brand new digital camera covered with concrete mist. It is very messy work. I took some pictures of the results of our spraying on Saturday. To uniformly distribute the shotcrete behind the rebar so it will provide tension support, one has to spray straight at the wall and allow the pressure to cause the shotcrete to wrap around behind the rebar hanging off the foam.

After our shotcreting work, we reconvened on the MDI grounds for a walking tour of the domes. This was different than Monday as we had guides, and were shown the insides of the company domes, as well as several residential dome homes owned by company employees.